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A space where Innovation
Meets Sound Quality

Welcome to The Tribal Podcast Studio, your destination for creating exceptional listening content in Miami. Immerse yourself in a world where innovation meets sound quality, and each recording becomes a unique experience.

Our modern studio is equipped with the latest in high-quality audio technology, offering podcasters an environment that goes beyond expectations. Imagine a space where every sound is captured with precision, where every word comes to life with clarity, and where your creativity flows without restriction.

At The Tribal Podcast Studio, our commitment goes beyond simply providing you with an exceptional recording space. We are proud to present you not just a study, but a symphony of possibilities to make your ideas come to life.

In addition to providing you with the best backline meticulously designed to meet the demands of streamers, YouTubers, podcasters and more, we want to take you on a unique journey where every sound becomes a masterpiece.

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Connect with customized music, lyrics, and voices that will have everyone singing the personalized melody of your brand.

Radio Ads

Produce radio ads with creative concepts, high-quality audio, and the perfect brand voice that will grab attention and set you apart from the competition.


Are you thinking about starting your own podcast? That’s a pretty smart decision. Nearly 100 million Americans listen to podcasts every month! And nearly 50% of the coveted Millennial demographic listens to podcasts regularly.

Our Process Is Simple

Step 1: Pre-Season Production

Pre-Production Phase We collaborate with you to define the overarching objectives of the program, pinpoint individual episode themes, success indicators, potential interviewees, and deliberate on the structure of the show. Concurrently, we start crafting the auditory branding components of the show such as voiceovers, music composition, opening/closing segments, and any branded content within the show.

Step 2: Pre-Episode Production

Pre-Episode Creation In this stage, we handle each episode individually and devise the optimal approach to make them engaging. This largely includes researching the topic, coordinating with guests, and planning the schedule.

Step 3: Recording

Recording Session At last! The rigorous preparation is over and it’s time for the exciting part! The recording can take place in our studios, or you can opt for a managed virtual podcast, which enables us to operate your podcast entirely remotely from any location worldwide! Come ready for stimulating discussions and a few hearty laughs.

Step 4: Editing and Post-Production

Editing and Post-Production Phase This is the stage where your fresh podcast truly begins to take on the feel of a top-notch production! We undertake the editing, tidying up, and processing of the audio, and subsequently integrate all the branding components we’ve crafted. Following this, your new production is handed over to you for examination, modifications, and final approval. It’s a thorough process to ensure the highest quality output.

Step 5: Posting and Reporting

Publishing and Analytics The hard work has been done, and now it’s time to share it with the world! We will upload your podcast to your preferred platforms, taking care of all the technical details and analytics for you. Next, it’s time to grow your listener base and start brainstorming for season 2!

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Backline Available

At The Tribal Collective, we understand that every nuance counts. Our backline features professional recording equipment that not only captures, but embraces every detail. Audio quality is not simply a standard; It is an expression of our commitment to sonic excellence.

  • 16 channel Presonus Studio Live Mixer
  • 4 – RE320 Cardioid Microphones
  • 3 Cameras for podcast production
  • ATEM Mini pro channel Switcher
  • iMac
  • Audio Technica 2020 with Kaotica Eyeball
  • SSL 2 + Audio Interface
  • Focusrite Solo audio interface
  • Tannoy Reveal 402 speakers
  • Akai MPK mini
  • Sony FX30
  • DJI Mavic Air 2S

«A Gathering of Voices» At The Tribal Podcast Studio, an array of voices converge in a harmonious symphony of storytelling. Like tribes coming together to share their wisdom, this studio serves as a gathering place for storytellers to impart their unique perspectives and experiences. As a listener, you are invited to immerse yourself in this collective exchange of ideas, emotions, and wisdom, fostering a sense of community and connection that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries.

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